Twitter is Already Blowing My Mind

Screenshot from "The Digital Preservation Daily"
Screenshot from “The Digital Preservation Daily”

A few days ago I mentioned that I joined Twitter. Since then some cool things have already happened, but none cooler than this. I found a pretty neat article about Chinese Digital Caves  and how they’re re-creating the past while at the same time preserving what already exists. I tagged my digital history class on a tweet so that my professor and classmates could see the article. Today, Zeïneb Gharbi, a Research Analyst at Library and Archives Canada, picked up on the tweet and copied the article into her wonderful digital publication, The Digital Preservation Daily.

This sort of “connectivity” makes our world so much smaller. The idea of me having access to an article from the BBC and being able to share it with people in another continent is something that would simply have not been possible fifteen, even ten years ago. I have been active in social networking since 2006, but I don’t think any of my interactions up until this point demonstrated to me just how amazing the internet can be as a communications system. All in all, a good day in which I learned a lot.