A New Look…

I have decided to change the design theme of my blog. I liked my first theme, but I was having trouble with the Header and I didn’t think there was enough color in it. This one has a little more color (but not too much) and, more importantly, the text font looks good to me. I am pretty picky about fonts, especially on a computer screen. Some pages are simply not worth reading because they drive my eyes crazy. I think MySpace eventually failed in part because so many people, drunk with excitement about the ability to customize their own page with all the colors, fonts, music, and clip art they could possibly fit in one page, created pages that were unreadable and unloadable. They gave us headaches and our computers indigestion.

Anyway, I think all of the elements of this theme are more welcoming, so this will be it… for now. Bear with me as I continue my search for the “prefect” theme that doesn’t cost me any money. Yes, I’m a beggar and a chooser.



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