News and Notes, March 11, 2013

I’ve got a lot of ideas running in my head that I want to share, but I’m in the process of creating an annotated bibliography for my thesis and putting together a brief presentation for the Gettysburg conference, which is happening later this week. I’ve seen other bloggers adopt the “News and Notes” format to hit upon things that are worth sharing but not necessarily worthy of a fully thought-out post, at least for the time being. So I’m stealing it for my own selfish benefit.

– There were more than 2,000 kids at the Indiana State House today for an education rally in support of vouchers and charter schools in Indiana. Trying to give tours to a few hundred of these youngsters was tiring. Jalen Rose, a former basketball player for the Indiana Pacers and current analyst for ESPN was in attendance and made a speech, which was sort of neat, although it was probably done to get the 2,000 kids excited about being at the State House rather than making any revelatory points about education reform. Regardless, it is always good to see athletes trying get involved in their communities, even if they sometimes make questionably funny decisions. By the way, Indiana has the largest voucher program in the United States.

The Bureau of Manufactured History, the creation of two bloggers looking to uncover “the unconscious content of the city,” is now in Indianapolis for the next month and a half to explore our content here. Click on the link for some neat vignettes and pictures about life in the self-proclaimed “Crossroads of America.” I’ll admit that the longer I live here, the more I desire to learn about and appreciate the quirky history of this strange, yet strikingly comfortable area of the country.

An introduction to Big Data.

An introduction to some really good math-rock: The Bulletproof Tiger: Wanna Kiss About It?

– Time permitting, I’m trying to get better at playing funk bass. Trying this video and sheet music for starters.