Digital Sandbox, Continued

Life is nonstop right now. Thanks to the Digital Sandbox, there is hardly any space for breathing, much less blogging at this point in time. Even “thesising” has come to a temporary stop. I am moderating AND giving a presentation on a panel about student uses of social media in addition to giving another presentation on mind mapping later in the afternoon. Furthermore, I’ve been overseeing and editing the digital sandbox blog, which has several fine posts from various talented scholars at IUPUI.

This morning I posted a blog post on open access and the history profession from Dr. Jason Kelly, who was my professor for Digital History at IUPUI this past Spring. His classes constantly challenged me, and there’s no doubt his influence is evident in my writing, especially a recent instance in which I attempted to write about open access (see here and here). As I was preparing to post Dr. Kelly’s essay to the blog, I tried to write a cogent introduction and summary of the essay. This is what I wrote:

In this essay, Dr. Jason M. Kelly analyzes the American Historical Association’s recent statement on embargoing completed history PhD dissertations and provides an in-depth summary of the history of the open access movement. Dr. Kelly–an Associate Professor of British History at IUPUI as well as Director of the IUPUI Arts and Humanities Institute–challenges us to consider the ways in which digital technology offers the potential to establish new, open methods for creating scholarship, methods that hold the potential to “transform our profession.” While this essay focuses on open access within the history profession, it is an issue that all disciplines will have to address in the future. To read more about open access, see “Reinventing the Academic Journal: The ‘Digital Turn’, Open Access, & Peer Review,” another piece written by Dr. Kelly in collaboration with Dr. Tim Hitchcock of the University of Hertfordshire.

I think the essay is excellent, and I highly recommend that readers check it out. You can read it here.

Once the workshop is completed, I will have more time to post all of my presentation resources/talking points to the blog.

Until Next Time…