Oscar Taveras, Stan Musial, and Public Commemoration in Sports

Photo Credit: Jeff Curry- USA TODAY Sports
Photo Credit: Jeff Curry- USA TODAY Sports

A few weeks ago the highly-touted St. Louis Cardinals outfielder Oscar Taveras died in a tragic auto accident at the age of 22. Having been a lifelong Cardinals fan who happened to be at the playoff game in which Taveras hit his last home run, the news of his death shocked and saddened me. Following his death ideas starting coming to me for an essay about public commemorations in sports and the ways fans establish imagined communities of belonging through a shared love of their favorite sports teams. The good folks at Sport in American History generously read a draft of this essay, provided some thoughtful suggestions to make it better, and posted it to their website today. You can read it here. I put my heart into this essay and I hope regular readers of Exploring the Past enjoy it.

I’d also like to give a special thank you to Andrew McGregor, a history Ph.D. candidate at Purdue University and founder of Sport in American History. Andrew is an emerging sports historian and all around great scholar who helped me immensely during the writing process.



2 thoughts on “Oscar Taveras, Stan Musial, and Public Commemoration in Sports

  1. Hey no problem, Nick! It was a great piece. You’re always welcome to submit things to the blog. I know there are more than a few scholars interested in the intersections of sports and public history. It’s always hard to write about an event, team, or person you’re personally connected to. I thought you did a great job. So did several of our readers. In a recent email from my master’s advisor, he mentioned that he found it quite compelling.

    1. Thanks so much, Andrew, and I’m glad to hear that other scholars are enjoying it as well. I definitely plan on submitting more content for the blog at some point in the future 🙂 you run a great website and I’m a regular reader!

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