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    1. Thanks for the comment, Sami. It is definitely exciting to see what other people are reading, especially those you admire. I am looking forward to meeting and interacting with more bloggers in the future 🙂

  1. I was there…I was married to Ingrids brother Paul and the 4 of us were inseparable. We lived just down the block from each other before Jaco bought the house in Deerfield.
    Inga and I were at the house 1 night .. The drugs and alcohol were taking their toll on him. It was incredibly sad to watch.
    We were in the kitchen and out of the corner of my eye a face appeared at the door. Jaco liked to play practical jokes and he scared the living crap out of us.
    He was a mess, he was trying to be funny, I know he just wanted to come home. Unfortunately inga was OVER it!
    I won’t share what transpired but he wasn’t welcome. She had nothing left as everything was about the twins, Ingrid was handling a heavy load by herself.
    I know she felt terrible , bad enough to say the next day ” we have to go find him”
    And that’s what we did. She spent the day making phone calls, we got some good information and left to find him.
    Carlos Santana was in town and we went to the show. Unfortunately Jaco.had been asked to leave shortly before we arrived. We stayed for a couple of songs and left. We drove through the park he frequented, we asked people who hung out with him on the strip if they had seen him. We couldn’t hook.up, it was like hunting down sasquatch!!! We went home.
    The phone rang and a parking lot attendant from The Candy Store on the strip told us Jaco was out of control but he had no idea where he had gone.
    We decided to stay put , hopefully he would come to her.
    I believe it was the next day, we got a call from the Dr. that delivered our babies. He was a huge fan and had on occasion came out with us to local.gigs.
    He said he was walking down a hallway of the hospital and found Jaco in very bad shape and we should come immediately.
    By the time we arrived Jaco.was on life support in ICU.
    Jaco was gone. He looked like someone stuffed baseballs under his eyelids, that has always stuck with me. He was beaten so horrifically by that piece of shit Luc Haven he was unrecognizable.
    I went to a pay phone called Michael knuckles in LA and told him to come.
    Jaco recovered from his “KILROY” fall in Italy, Jaco came back from illnesses and fatigue and fought back after pushing his body to the brink, sleeping on train tracks, living in the streets. But not this time.
    He always told me he’d be dead at 33! ” ya know the year Christ died,…. YOU DIG” I was hopeful when 33 came and went.
    No.body that was standing there watching him being pummeled to death intervened.
    Haven essentially got a parking ticket for killing Jaco. He robbed 4 beautiful children of their father. John, Mary, Felix and Julius are his true legacy!
    But this is an account as I lived it of his final.few days with us.

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